We're your partner in accelerating digital excellence

Without complicating operations

We specialize in digital transformation, partnering with enterprises to optimize
businesses expertly and efficiently with cutting-edge, bespoke digital solutions. Our team works tirelessly to implement customized solutions, all while mitigating risk and streamlining processes. Founded in 2020 by a group of IT industry veterans who believe that the adage “survival of the fittest” extends to our digital space, Digital Wall exists to give your business every possible advantage. Nimble and agile, our team of experts manages partnerships with the world’s leading digital providers.  We are always developing our expertise, focusing on cutting-edge innovations, and have built custom solutions to some of Iraq’s most reputable brands and organizations in the public and private sectors. 

Digital Wall, founded in 2020 by a group of IT industry experts who believe that the cliché “survival of the fittest” applies to our digital realm, aims to provide your business with every possible advantage. Our skilled team is efficient and agile in managing partnerships with the world’s leading digital providers. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and focusing on cutting-edge technologies, and we have created customized solutions for some of Iraq’s most reputable brands and organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Our approach has three pillars


Form insights into what your organization needs to excel, what solutions you already have in place, and what changes need to be made to optimize your operations. Digital Wall takes a holistic transformation approach to your business: we’re more than technology providers – we’re partners. Digital transformation involves not only software and hardware but also company culture, processes, employee engagement, training, and support. We’ll create a unique solution to suit all your requirements.


Change is inevitable, especially in the digital world where innovation is the norm. It’s normal to look toward the future and seek to iterate and improve. However, it’s crucial to reflect on legacy solutions and evaluate whether they need to be restructured, overhauled, or replaced altogether. Digital Wall applies a diagnostic lens to ensure cost efficiency, optimization, and smooth transitions to new solutions.


Digital Wall will design a bespoke roadmap for transforming your business only after thoroughly assessing your organization’s unique needs, culture, and existing systems and processes. Our recommendations also include optimizing your legacy systems while adding cutting-edge digital offerings or may even initiate a complete makeover. Regardless of the path we recommend, we guarantee that our strategic approach will accelerate your business and drive value, efficiency, and success for you and your team.